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A very muddy beginning.

There's a saying "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, bring someone you love." Muddy Stuff Organic Shea Butter, as it’s known today, is a result of me and my loved ones rising up to the challenge of the Covid-19 situation we are all living in today.

Originally, back in 2004 it was just “Mr. Muddy”, a shea butter hand and foot moisturizer that I use to make and sell to martial artists & other athletes in plastic bags & random jars. Back then I was just following a passion and making something I believed in. Life took me down another path, work-wise, but I always knew there’s something about feeling good in your own skin - especially when it's chemically free from all the b.s. that goes into skin care products these days.

The struggle was real.

In early 2020, after many years of success as a martial arts business owner, as well as a dance company, and extensive travels, I was ready to start my non profit, Project Front Kick, and finally open the community center I had long dreamed of in my home town of Camden, New Jersey. The non profit would make learning the martial arts affordable for everyone regardless of income and the community center would bring music, art, and dance under the same roof.

Everything seemed to fall into place until March 12, 2020 came and the State of New Jersey shut down non-essential businesses due to the Covid-19 virus. My main income streams were decimated, I was crippled financially, and my dreams were stopped dead in their tracks. With no unemployment, my savings exhausted, I took to couch surfing and sleeping in my car - having lived through homelessness in my childhood I wasn’t shaken. The last straw was having my PPP loan revoked and my bank account closed without reason.

The Blessing.

I'll be completely honest. I was frustrated, angry, and defeated...for about a day. But, I'm a fighter and I never quit. I asked God what I should do and he said "Son, do what you were born to do and get creative."

In May 2020 my years of self-taught web design skills, and my degree in graphic design, I rebranded the old Mr. Muddy from the ground up.

Launch day came. I revealed the scary truth about my financial situation with friends & family on Facebook and invited each of them to check out the product me and my Muddies had been working on lovingly.

Can you believe that 160 sales came in within 24 hours? I was humbled that so many people were reaching out to help me, but even more so that they took my word that I would give them an awesome product without even having tried a sample first.

The Promise.

Our promise to each of our customers is not only to make the best organic shea butter products made with the finest of ingredients, but most importantly they are guaranteed to be made with LOVE!

Each purchase of Muddy Stuff proves we weren’t wrong to believe in ourselves and the quality of our work. It proves it to my mother, Lisa (RIP 3/19/2021) who runs our Muddy South distribution; my friend, Adriana (a genius full of great ideas) who runs Muddy North distribution, and it proves it to me, a karate guy who lost it all and was down, but not out of the fight.

Remember this... every-time you buy or refer a friend to buy Muddy Stuff Organic Shea Butter, you're contributing to the dreams of people who make a way out of no way. Thank you for being a part of the dream.

And when life gives you lemons .... eat them, they're good for you.

Talk with God. Love your family. Help as many people as you can.


Brian, Lisa, and Adriana

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